The immigration advisor reviews the specifics along with Documentation you received through the examination of one’s application for persistent quebec investor programselection. Relevant points have been awarded exclusive consideration, dependent around the app picked. Your plan to repay in Québec pr, your background in direction, your own investment arrangement and also your internet assets & verification of their origin and also lawful acquisition

Entrepreneur Candidate

Your instructional degree, your own language skills, your own remain At qiip Québec, the involvement of all members of the family from Québec, the fiscal self-sufficiency, the net assets & proof of their origin. And valid acquisition, proof of deposit, your marketing plan, and, where appropriate, your own ceremony gives.

Self-employed worker Candidate

Your education level, your language abilities, your own stay Quebec, the involvement of relatives in Quebec, your financial self sufficiency, both the net assets and evidence of their source, along with authorized acquisition. And also a number of one’s practitioner adventures as simply a self explanatory worker while in the business wherever you wish to construct your occupation in Quebec. When needed, you may inquire from the adviser for extra confirmation, or you may be asked for a selection exam to finish the procedure for reviewing your application. This interview invitation will specify the exact date, site, and time of this interview, as well as the records that you want to carry in. You will take an interpreter, and a lawyer who has been a member of the Barreau du Québec may go with you.


That Ministère de l’Immigration, p la Francisation et p L’Intégration has concentrated choice meeting in Montréal until 20 17. Like a outcome, screening missions such as civic Colleges programs overseas are now uncommon. Probable results of a program evaluation or interview The advisor may agree to: reevaluate your program: for self help personnel and candidates for business owners. In the event the result from your application test is favorable, you can attain your Certificate of Qualification of Québec (CSQ) by mail.