Best Safari Locations in Africa

Discover Namibia, South Africa’s most popular backdrops on an exciting 16 day African Photo Safari, which includes visits to famous landmarks such as Victoria Falls and Kruger National Park. The beautiful Sabie River is the perfect backdrop for this unique trip that gives you the chance to see one of the world’s highest waterfall falls. You’ll also be able to witness stunning animal life with your camera as you travel around the Sabie River valley. A variety of African wildlife will be on display including lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and giraffes.

Victoria Falls: Victoria Falls is regarded as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is situated in Zambia’s Kwazulu Natal province. This massive drop is the result of the wrath of a volcano which is known for its hot springs. Over four thousand years ago, it was created when a huge volcanic eruption occurred. Overlooking Victoria Falls, you’ll be able to view the hot spring within the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Gorge, which is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Kruger National Park: Kruger National Park is renowned for its amazing collection of wildlife photography opportunities. A self drive safari will allow photographers to explore the park’s wilderness and vegetation. During your journey, you’ll be able to camp in the bush and hike to high peaks. While there, you should try to spot some of the animals including lion, elephants, rhinoceros and hippos. Other game such as antelopes and buffalo are also spotted during your trip.

Cape Town: Cape Town is one of the most popular destinations in South Africa for African photo safaris. You can visit this famous city and book a self drive safari to the Cape Town International Airport. Here, you can have an amazing view of the sea and other surrounding attractions. Other than Cape Town, this is another popular destination for safaris in South Africa.

Victoria Falls: Victoria Falls is an eight hundred mile long waterfall situated in the Kalahari Desert. It has become a well-known tourist destination in Africa where photographers get to view the amazing scenery and wildlife. It is the most popular destination for African photo safaris. You can visit the falls during your tour to South Africa. During your tour, you can also try other exciting activities such as trekking and camping.

Kigali National Park: This is another beautiful destination on the African continent which is famous for its exotic wildlife. This is a great location for photographers who want to have an amazing experience during their safari in Africa. Located near Magadi, Kigali is visited by many tourists and photographers. You can even have a photo safari here.